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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing denotes the computational process which may be done on demand through a computer network, or some virtual online space without needing the advanced infrastructure. This is a low cost and easy to manage the attitude for handling the online businesses.

Cloud Computing Solutions

The I.T industry widths in different languages, platforms and databases from which some has become out-dated and some are still prevailing to update themselves fast in order to run in line with the current trends. So here are some of the best technologies, we have got expertise in:

Cloud Application Services for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud application services. In SaaS, we deliver the software as a service over the web, eradicating the requirement for vast infrastructure, simplifying the support and maintenance. Saas and Cloud are simple terms that are used interchangeably.

Platform as a Service (PAAS)for cloud applications

Now the question is what does it take to develop PaaS apps? And as an answer to this query, you once need to buy the database, networks, servers and a host of the web development tools too. And afterwards there is a requirement for the staff to optimize, install and maintain it completely. With PaaS you can literally avoid the focus and investments on application development rather.

Cloud Computing ServicesDeployment Models

Cloud Computing services provide the deployment models. For this you can read the following and choose one that suits best to your requirement.

Community Cloud

This is one of the best suited where more than one single organization combine together to build the computing solutions while sharing the infrastructure for a higher level of security, privacy and the policy compliance. The costs are borne by the participants of the community.

Public Cloud

Resources are provided to your business as a solution through the web services, web applications which is based on the standard cloud computing model.

Hybrid IT Delivery and Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid storage makes use of a combination of the public and private storage clouds. These are useful for backup functions and archiving, while permitting local data that need to be replicated to a public cloud.

These are basically used by the enterprises and the IT organizations where security concerns and information are critical.

Combined Cloud

The combined cloud environment comprise of the multiple external as well as internal providers in order to ease the transition to the public cloud services.

This service includes

Microsoft Azure Development

Windows Azure is one of the most preferred, flexible and open cloud platform offering an ease of work on the global network.


Joenish Tech Solutions, a prominent web and mobile app development organization has an unbelievable experience in Amazon web development services.