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Angular JS Development

In past five years, Angular JS has been evolving tremendously. It has actually advanced from Angular JS version 1.0 to angular version 2.0 and now angular version 4.0 is in the picture. We are one of the renowned names among the Angular JS development companies who make proper use of the features offered by the Angular 1.0 to 4.0 which has brought many improvements of the developed code size. It lays a great impact on application performance as well as security. The migration has actually been really smooth for the Angular JS developers

The Architecture

Version 1.0 vs. Version 2.0

Angular 2.0 demonstrates a substantial change in the structure if compared to the version 1.0. The architecture of Angualr v1 based on MVC while the architecture of Angular v2 relies on service/controller. There is least possibility to upgrade the Angular v1 to v2, the developers have to rewrite the entire application code mainly.

Sustained Engineering Services Include:

Version 2.0 vs. Version 4.0

Angular 2.0 demonstrates a substantial change in the structure if compared to the version 1.0. The architecture of Angualr v1 based on MVC while the architecture of Angular v2 relies on service/controller. There is least possibility to upgrade the Angular v1 to v2, the developers have to rewrite the entire application code mainly.

Type Script and Java Script

V1.0 vs V2.0

Angular v1.0 make use of the javascript in order to build the application with Angulat v2.0 make use of the typescript in order to write the application. Typescript is a superset of the javascriipt that assists to build even more robusr and the structured code. The dart can be used by the developers together with TypeScript in version 2.0.

V2.0 vs V4.0

Angular v4.0 is attunes well with the newer versions. Type script 2.1 and type script 2.2 both help with better type checking also the enhanced IDE features for proper visual studio code.

The Mobile Support

Angular 2.0 has actually made it possible to achieve the native applications for a mobile platform like React Native. Angular 2.0 offers us the two layers one is rendering layer and the application layer. As requirement, any view can be rendered in the runtime for the needed component.

Component Based UI

1.0 vs 2.0

The controller concept that was present in v2.0 Angular v2.0 has completely changed to the component based UI. This assists a developer to divide the applications in terms of the components with the desired features and enable to call required UI. These have assisted to perk up the reusability and flexibility as compared to the Angular v1.0

SEO Friendly

1.0 vs 2.0

With Angular 1.0 developing the search engine friendly single page applications was the key difficulty. But this bottleneck was then eradicated in Angular v2.0. Angular JS development services build the SEO friendly page applications by rendering the HTML at the server side.

Key Features of Angular Version 4.0

View the engine with Less Code

The view engine has been introduced in Angular 4 where the produced code of the components can be declined upto 60%. The bundles are contracted to thousands of KBs. Then there are different parameters like Parameter Map.get, parameter object available on the map. These add to different features like security and more. The experienced developers at Joenish Tech Solutions are well aware of the complications and the awful implications of this. And this has been made easier with Angular 4.

Smaller and Faster

Angular 4 has undoubtedly made the code file size smaller and at the same time it has improved the speed of the application.

You can check various features of Angular 4 in detail here:


The addition of search parameters to an HTTP request has been simplified which is again a boon for the developers.


According to this feature, the first letter is altered to the uppercase. This is a new title case introduced in the Angular 4. It takes the first letter word to the uppercase and rest of it is kept in the small case.

You can have efficient debugging through these source maps
This enables you to develop the powerful single page application which is completely SEO friendly.

Future Visions

The major release is pr�cised by our experienced team after some fixed duration of time:
The patches and bug fixes can be applied every week.
Minor releases will take place every month
The major releases together with the migration from the previous version to the new updated one will take place after every 6 months.

Hence we offer the application development while using the Angular which offer the more security, flexibility and scalable pathway. It is actually simple and an easier task to upgrade the Angular 2. To 4.0, but this needs to be done only if the application asks for it. There is also a requirement to check the challenges and the bottleneck faces when you are updating the applications in Angular v4.0 which was actually built in Angular 2.0.

Joenish Tech Solutions Healthcare Tehcnology Practice

Joenish Tech Solutions has got the software engineering teams that give healthcare IT companies the perfect blend of healthcare domain experience and the knack of developing highly scalable teams in order to address their most complicated engineering challenges rapidly and cost effectively.

An overview of the Healthcare Application Development Services at Joenish Tech Solutions

Integration with smart sensors and wearables for patient diagnosis and monitoring
Develop remote healthcare diagnostics and healthcare monitoring applications
HIPAA & FDA compliant development for Patient data security
EMR/HER integration and development to approach the patient health record 24*7
Facilitate key business initiatives that lower the costs while perking up the care quality as well as the patient experience
Efficient development of the practice management system (PMS) to deal with daily medical practices
P2P communication setup to optimize the physician�s efficiency
Develop a technology strategy and vision for the real time health system (RTHS) to allow advanced management and the operating practices