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Desktop application development Services Unique desktop software to win a ma

Joenish Tech Solutions is an application development company offering the app development services while maintaining the traditions of desktop software development. We nurture the experience in the mobile and web application development areas while using the window forms and WPF technologies that follow the industry best standards and the third party controls like Telerik, DEvExpress and Infragestics controls. We provide cross-platform and platform specific desktop application development services to assist you turn a perfect software idea into the market sensation, while coupling the manufactured devices and the equipment with complementary software in order to gain the outdo competitors and consumer loyalty.

Full Fledged Desktop Software Development

No matter our corporation ends through the complete development cycle or cover just a few specific stages, our goal is to offer the maximum number of benefits for our consumers at every step of the desktop software development project.

Quality Desktop Software Development

Joenish Tech Solutions focus mainly on delivering the desktop application that are ready for shipping to the end users. In fact our development services also involve:

Work on different parts of the consumer�s project for instance: delivery of a platform specific version or the application maintenance.
Following the team-tested processes of the architectural sessions, writing the self-documenting code, code-review and the unit testing. We make team efforts to deliver the most effective software with a unified and clear code structure.
Proper augmentation of the consumer�s IT teams any stage of the project in order to bring the experience or the specific competencies.

Our key focus while delivering the desktop app solutions is on following points:

User-convenience - Almost all our apps go under the scrupulous planning and excessive testing in order to ensure that they are actually easy to use.
High Performance � With desktop apps being more powerful and on average faster than their web counterparts, we assure that our solutions are actually capable of solving the most complicated tasks rapidly.
Security � With the proven experience in the information security, we give higher value on the protection of the delivered offline applications
Proper Integration � To make sure that all the deliverables are perfect fit for the user activities, we create the desktop applications that are easy to integrate with other unique custom enterprise software.

Product Verification

We offer end-to-end validation and product verification for enterprise healthcare applications.

Key Services Include:

Platform testing (incl. mobile)
Functional testing
Performance/scalability testing
Usability testing
Security testing

When you shake hands with Joenish Tech Solutions you stay assured about its quality and the long term maintenance of the services:

So, pay a look at the customer gains:

With every desktop application development project, Joenish Tech Solution�s customer gets the entire set of the deliverables that include:

Complete test documentation
Desktop application tailored to the specific business requirements
Properly documented source code
All the business challenges covered
Long-term maintenance

Applications accessible to OS functions

Joenish Tech Solutions ensure the higher usability of the delivered desktop applications while enabling them to support the tighe integration with the operating system functions like rebooting the computer, blocking access to the internet on time, incorporating the application�s icons in the taskbar, auto updating applications in the taskbar or their functionality into the operating software context menu.

We use different platforms

Windows (7,8,10)
Linux (Linux, Ubuntu 14,04, 16.04,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and Debian 8)
Mac OS (10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12)