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Our E-Learning & Education Software Development Solutions

Joenish Tech Solutions use years of experience in the education space to offer customized e-learning and educational solutions in the digital era. We are in the industry to help our consumers boost their workforce performance while perking up their customer satisfaction with our best-in-class learning tools, instructional design practices, and modern techniques. We are committed to providing you the unique solutions to overcome the e-learning software development challenges.

Our Key Goal

The key goal of our organization is to develop the advance e-learning platforms where users get the perfect opportunity to enhance their skills. We develop the e-learning platforms that make its students learn new skills and gain additional knowledge. Not only the students will be at advantage, but through an efficiently developed e-learning channel, the teachers or trainers will also get a fair chance to share their knowledge across the globe while pocketing the revenue through this.

Opportunities that E-Learning Brings

Since technology is reaching the pinnacles with flexible learning modules, the control is mainly in the hands of the students. Students can now have an easier access to the content through various web-enabled devices like smartphones, web applications and web tutorials etc. This enables them to choose when, where and how they want to conduct the learning sessions commencing in the better results and tracking.

Making Money

You can have a direct access to the consumers to the contents of virtual classrooms within a learning institution. Online classes eradicate the physical constraints like enrollments, space, and scheduling while making the entire learning procedure efficient.

Online Engagement

NOnline learning offers its students a chance to take the advantage of expanded media properties like audio, photographs, videos that can obviously not be incorporated into the traditional learning model because of the cost constraints. Technology transforms the learning into an engaging two-way procedure that asks for user-involvement together with integrating the social media capabilities like Facebook and Twitter.

About E-Learning Software in Detail

Since our goal is to make your e-learning software effective and result oriented, we design it for you to list multiple courses there on the platform. This will include pre-recorded videos, downloadable documents, audios and the live sessions or the webinars. The proposed solution will also have the multilingual facility so that when you feel like adding any other language than English in the future, it can be done easily.

How will it work?

Once you know about the E-learning system�s development, the next question is how does it work? There will be trainers or the experts who will obviously take care of the live webinars or the sessions. Students will have the access to see the schedule of different courses available on the platform and can register suiting to their requirements. And if you want multiple courses with multiple sessions, this can be easily managed within the application to schedule all these courses. And further to this, a user you can purchase the schedules, get the invitations and can join the sessions too. However, when it comes to recorded videos, you simply get an access once you have paid the course fee. To accentuate this user-experience, the cart will be featured which will be implemented for this purpose only. Then there are tests or the quiz sessions that make the users or the students check their level of improvement or test themselves. The moment a student will complete the course, the concerned user will get a quiz to be responded. They can submit the response or can schedule it for future.

Why Choose Joenish Tech Solutions for Education Software Development

We are responsible for developing user-friendly educational software and all devices compatible websites.
We have experts who adhere to the international coding standards and guidelines, quality and timely project delivery
With Joenish Tech Solutions, you will get the best value for money
We ensure that you get proper assistance and team for real-time maintenance and support during your project execution.
We offer seamless integration with various codes and APIs
Before starting the development process, our team leads and the project managers prefer discussing your goals and requirements so as to make sure that you get the required solution
We also provide the liberally verified consumer reviews