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We assist health tech beginners, medical organizations and individual healthcare professions to build up ground-breaking healthcare solutions that are device agnostic, connected, robust and scalable. Healthcare technology is regularly impacted by new inventions in technology (for e.g. computing, cloud, big data, mobile platforms, etc.) regulatory changes (e.g. meaningful use, ACO, HIE, MACRA and P4P requirements), market changes (e.g. consumer/provider involvement, M&A, etc.) and obviously constantly evolving healthcare standards like (XDS, XDSi, FHIR, ICS-10 and a lot more) Joenish Tech Solutions set up effective software engineering services for its clients to help them design, build, architect, test and support the enterprise healthcare applications as a whole. We work across the entire range of technologies which may include .NET, Java/J2EE, .NET 4.5, MVC 4.0, Web API, HTML5 and healthcare mobile app development platforms.

Healthcare Application Development – Key Services

New Application Development

Building and architecting new healthcare applications (including the design, development, requirement analysis, and quality assurance)
Expertise in developing the healthcare applications, testing, their sustenance across different technologies and delivery models.

Key Services Include:

Cloud applications
Clinical applications
Medical imaging solutions
BI/analytics solutions
E-Consultations and Online billing
Appointment booking and scheduling system
Consumer and patient portals
Efficient Claim management system
Advanced EDI (electronic data interchange) management
HL7 facility for exchanging health records

Product Verification

We offer end-to-end validation and product verification for enterprise healthcare applications.

Key Services Include:

Platform testing (incl. mobile)
Functional testing
Performance/scalability testing
Usability testing
Security testing

Application Maintenance/Support (Sustained Engineering)

Maintaining and supporting legacy healthcare applications together with applications on legacy technologies.

Sustained Engineering Services Include:

Transition of existing applications for big hospitals/IDNs in the middle of new EMR/clinical application roll out
Support for legacy applications for healthcare IT vendors when they migrate the customers to some new platforms

Product Conformance

We help our potential consumers to be conventional with the present and the upcoming healthcare technology requirements which include: conformance roadmap development, conducting gap analysis, and supporting the product enhancements.

Key Services Include:

Regulatory Compliances like ACO, MACRA and meaningful use requirements
Healthcare interoperability standards
Medical product standards like HIPAA, FDA, etc.

Joenish Tech Solutions Healthcare Tehcnology Practice

Joenish Tech Solutions has got the software engineering teams that give healthcare IT companies the perfect blend of healthcare domain experience and the knack of developing highly scalable teams in order to address their most complicated engineering challenges rapidly and cost effectively.

An overview of the Healthcare Application Development Services at Joenish Tech Solutions

Integration with smart sensors and wearables for patient diagnosis and monitoring
Develop remote healthcare diagnostics and healthcare monitoring applications
HIPAA & FDA compliant development for Patient data security
EMR/HER integration and development to approach the patient health record 24*7
Facilitate key business initiatives that lower the costs while perking up the care quality as well as the patient experience
Efficient development of the practice management system (PMS) to deal with daily medical practices
P2P communication setup to optimize the physician’s efficiency
Develop a technology strategy and vision for the real time health system (RTHS) to allow advanced management and the operating practices